Update - 25/3/2020 7.45am


Dear valued customers,


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Our Van RV and the entire caravan/RV industry are finding it incredibly tough to meet deadlines on new caravan build, caravan deliveries and completion of repairs/servicing due to the following reasons.


  • Inability of suppliers to fulfill our orders for new parts (Mainly due to freight delays and some importing restrictions)
  • Lower staff numbers (We, along with all our suppliers are taking the correct path of relieving all non-essential staff)
  • Increased pressure from clients to complete repairs/servicing/builds of new caravans to meet close deadlines.

We are also preparing for the worst to ensure our business and most importantly our staff are well protected and to ensure that as the pandemic passes, we will be able to return to as normal operations at the earliest possible time allowed by the health authorities.


All caravans in stock can be viewed from our website and are still able to be purchased if you need one. You can still see a caravan in person by visiting the yard, however, we will not be opening caravans for people to see in them unless they are seriously considering buying that particular caravan, and no staff member will be assisting with opening, closing or demonstrating any aspect of the caravan at this time.


Our on-line store shop.ourvanrv.com.au is still running at this time and has plenty of stock and freight is still being collected on a daily basis.


Our service department is still functioning and able to do pick up and drop off services but under strict guidelines. Please call our service department if you require assistance in this area.


We have arranged so that communications with us will still be available if and/or when we are asked or forced to close due to this illness.


You must use the "contact page" and select from the 4 options to send an e-mail. We will contact you at our earliest convenience.


Please note - Once we are in lock down, there will be NO ACCESS to the storage facility to get your caravan or return one. We suggest collecting your caravan ASAP if you think you may need it.


There is currently no access to any building by any member of the public. You will be served from our doorway with a barrier in place.


We wish you all the very best in keeping safe and healthy during this troubling time.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.