Sam and Josh Wyatt, The brothers... (Most people get us confused as we look very similar)


Sam bought and built up the business previously known as Carapairs in 2010, starting from a one man show with a mobile workshop, to what has now become the Our Van RV caravan centre. A qualified mechanic, auto electrician and caravan repairer with over 25 years experience. With some of the highest customer service awards from the largest automotive organizations in the country including Ford Motor Company, Inchcape (Subaru) and Mitsubishi Motors Australia Ltd, he is "The Boss".

Sam has established excelent relationships with our core suppliers such as Camec, Dometic Waeco, Narva, Thetford, Aussie Traveller and Al-Ko to allow the parts and accessories side of the business to flourish.


Josh comes from a customer service background and has owned and run several small businesses in the past and moved accross to join Sam back in 2014.


With their wealth of business knowledge, customer service and expertise in repairs and maintenance, they are a definate force to be reckoned with.

Adrian - Adrian joined Our Van RV in 2016. His extensive experience in carpentry and automotive vehicle repairs makes him a very versatile caravan repairer. Specializing in major caravan repairs such as hail damage and accident damage. Adrian takes great pride in his work and is a highly skilled and highly valued member of the team


Darren - Darren joined the team in 2016 also. Darren has a background in electronics and electrical work and spent many years repairing major equipment and plant. Darren has a great level of understanding of how things get put together and how to reverse that process, so major repairs and electrical diagnosis in things like refrigeration, air conditioning and power systems are all strong suits for Darren.


Nathan - Nathan joined the team in 2015 and is our resident caravan service technician. Having performed thousands of caravan services and minor repairs, he is our go to guy for getting your caravan serviced and back on the road quickly. Brakes, bearings and minor electrical repairs are all his strong suit.


Kasey - Kasey joined the team in 2015 and is in training as a general caravan repairer. He has performed hundreds of caravan services, electrical repairs, general maintenance repairs such as brakes and bearing changes. Kasey performs a large number of chassis, spring and chassis fitting repairs and assists senior repairers with smash repairs.



Paul - Paul joined our team in 2018. Paul has a great ability to repair all things mechanical, is a widely experienced welder and has a great understanding of electrical systems. Paul is currently in training to learn more about caravans and is highly skilled at affecting all service type repairs.


Jeremy - Jeremy joined our team in 2018. He has a vast array of experience in repairs to equipment and maintenance and has become an integral part of our caravan smash repair section repairing hail damage, frame and cladding repairs and other forms of impact damage.