Serenity Trail Runner

The Serenity Trail Runner Semi Off Road pack can be added to any Serenity Sunrunner model and includes the following additions;


  • Chassis upgrade from 4" main rails to 6"

  • Extended A frame

  • Upgraded coupling from 50mm ball to Cruisemasterâ„¢ D035 Off Road Coupling with pin

  • Large checker plate toolbox with opening lid

  • 2 x Jerry Can Holders

  • Higher side checker plate side cladding for extra body protection

  • Upgraded cabinetry to include piano hinged doors
  • Independent trailing arm suspension with coil springs and shockers

  • Upgraded alloy wheels with All Terrain tyres (15" Std on tandem axle variants, 16" on single axle variants)

The upgrades in this pack turn the touring Sunrunner into a competent Semi-Off Road caravan capable of navigating dirt roads, light tracks and allows greater ground clearance to get to that little spot on the side of your favourite river or lake with ease.

Serenity Sunrunner 188RD with Trailrunner pack

(Main image shown is a single axle 188RD and is indicative of what a trailrunner pack looks like when added to a sunrunner. Also available on the tandem variants)